Our History

As the charity sector in Ireland has become more professional, our organisations have moved with the times.

ICTR Ireland

1991: ICTR is FORMED

ICTR was formed in 1991, and organised a number of campaigns to optimise tax effective giving, reduce the tax burden on the sector, and ensure regulation is appropriate to the needs of Irish charities.

ICTR achieved a major breakthrough in 2001 with the introduction of a comprehensive system of tax relief for all donations (€250+ with no upper limit) to an Eligible Charity/Approved Body. And, in 2006, the organisation had the Scheme of Tax Relief on Donations extended to include gifts of publicly quoted shares.

ICTR played an active role on behalf of charities in relation to regulation.  ICTR has been closely involved at all stages of the development of the Charities Act 2009 and was firmly focused on implementation issues.


2006: Fundraising Ireland is formed

In late 2006, a small group of passionate and experienced fundraising professionals came together to share a common vision. All these individuals had long considered the need for an association for fundraisers in Ireland. Their discussions led to the establishment of Fundraising Ireland.

For the next two years, a voluntary steering group worked to progress the following aims and objectives:

  • Promote best practice in fundraising.

  • Enable fundraisers in Ireland to network.

  • Represent the profession of fundraising in the process of evolving charities and fundraising regulation.

From 2007 to 2009, Fundraising Ireland introduced a series of successful events and seminars. During this time, participation and interest in its offerings continued to grow. In March 2009, the National Fundraising Conference was introduced and the same year saw the introduction of the Irish Fundraising Awards. In 2011 the National Fundraising Conference moved to the National Convention Centre to accommodate the growing number of delegates, demonstrating the need and appetite of fundraisers to improve their skills and share knowledge and expertise.

Fundraising Ireland

Charities Institute Ireland Logo

2016: A Merger of minds

In late 2015, Sheila Nordon, CEO of the ICTR, and Lucy Masterson, CEO of Fundraising Ireland, met to discuss the strength of a single voice to speak on behalf of their members and the sector. At this initial meeting Sheila drew up the concept of a Triple Lock standard on a napkin and the idea of Charities Institute Ireland (Cii) was born. 

The three measures of these standards are good governance, best practice fundraising and transparent financial reporting. Cii will develop, guide and support members through objectives outlined in 3 strategic pillars - Advocacy, Education and Communication.