Communications & PR Forum

As anyone working in communications in a not-for-profit will know, we play a key role in how the general public, service users, media and donors perceive our charity. Our sector is unique and so our roles vary significantly from our colleagues in the commercial world.

Often wearing many hats, we are the frontline when it comes to dealing with all sorts of problems and issues. As well as that, we are seen as an all knowing source of information, with infinite wisdom, patience and ability to meet all the various demands on our time.

By joining the Communications and PR Forum it allows us an opportunity to share our experiences in a safe space. We will discuss issues and innovations in the sector and learn how we can do less with more given increasing pressures on time and resources.  Most importantly, we will build relationships and knowledge which will help us to deliver excellent communications strategies for our organisations.

We look forward to seeing you at the forum on Thursday, September 12.

Meet the Forum Chairs