Care and Support

Every 4 minutes a patient arrives at the door of Crumlin Hospital, that’s 140,000 little patients hospital each year. When a child arrives, they are greeted with care and support. Without the donations from supporters, memories of this vital care would not be created.

Many are treated and walk back out, thankfully well and back to their lives. But sadly, thousands face rare and daunting health challenges, regular visits and treatments, clinical trials, long period of worry and disruption.

Creating Memories

CMRF Crumlin helps contribute to making the experience and environment as comfortable and positive as possible and vitally helps enable the best possible outcomes for these children by investing our donor support and funding into life saving research, the most technologically advanced equipment and critical patient support services.

Crumlin was created to allow parents and friends to share the memories of their children's time receiving care from Crumlin Children's Hospital. 

This awareness campaign gave parents of children who have been treated, supported through incredibly difficult health and experiences, or who have benefited from world-class treatment aided by researchers at NCRC and consultants at Crumlin the opportunity to remember their angels, treasure their time together and to reach out and thank the amazing staff at the hospital.

It helped raise awareness of the plight of many children and their families who have to endure ongoing treatment, and who bank on the generosity and support of those who help CMRF fund children’s medical research and support improvements that are required to the hospital environment for patients and their parents as they already face so much.

Jamie Burke with Rob Kearney

Jamie Burke with Rob Kearney

Enhancing the experience of Ireland's sickest children

CMRF Crumlin provides vital funding to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin to enhance the experience of some of Ireland’s sickest children, and to the National Children’s Research Centre to advance medical research and with an overall goal of enhancing outcomes, treatments and cures for these and future generations of children. 

We believe every sick child deserves every chance

Our purpose is to be an effective and sustainable foundation for children’s health in Ireland.  One that enables people to support children who are sick, now and into the future to have the best possible chance of surviving and thriving. We help extend people’s generosity by raising additional funds to help as many children as possible in Ireland and across the world through the benefits of the research programmes we fund. Because we believe, every sick child deserves every chance.

Helping a generation of children.

Over the past 10 years over €80 million has been used to fund ward upgrades, new parent spaces, programmes of research and education right down to giggle funds for children spending birthdays and occasions in hospital. We couldn’t do it without our donors, supporters, fundraisers, volunteers and corporate partners.