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2into3 work with mission-driven organisations to build capacity, so that they can have a transformative impact on society in Ireland and the world.


There are no quick fixes in the not-for-profit sector, where the landscape is rapidly changing and each organisation has unique needs. It is essential to find lasting solutions to challenges facing the sector. 2into3 has worked with a range of organisations across the sector to create sustainable growth and tangible change. They identify the issues facing your organisation and work with your board and senior-level management to provide guidance and support in addressing your funding and organisational needs.


Sourcing high quality candidates can be a significant challenge for not-for-profit organisations. 2into3’s extensive database is ever growing. Their Recruitment Team continually meets with current/future leaders in HR, Finance, Fundraising, Communications & Service Delivery. They have the capacity to recruit middle-management and executive level positions along with a proven track record recruiting difficult-to-fill positions. 2into3 also recruit at graduate level through For Purpose, a unified graduate programme for the sector.


Evidence informed decision-making should be the goal of any mission-driven organisation or not-for-profit leader. 2into3 conducts primary and secondary research to meet this goal.

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For more information on Consulting & Research contact Dennis O’Connor at Dennis@2into3.com or +353-1-234-3184

For more information on Recruitment contact Fergal O’Sullivan at fergal.osullivan@2into3.com or +353-1-234-3165

For more information on the For Purpose graduate programme contact Adrian McCarthy at adrian.mccarthy@forpurpose.ie or +353-1-234-3135

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