Exchequer BMS

Exchequer BMS provide a range of business & accounting solutions for Charitable organisations which enable them to control costs, maximise funds, meet government obligations and improve efficiencies.

Not-for-profit organisations are under pressure to take on more responsibilities while competing for scarcer funding, donations and supporters. At the same time, the burden of statutory reporting is increasing. By helping to maintain a lean finance & administration operation, Our solutions keep day-to-day running costs down and frees resources to fulfil the organisation’s mission.

Exchequer automates the essential tasks involved in managing revenue streams, monitoring overheads and generating accounts and management reports, in multiple currencies if required.

With over 20 years of experience in Ireland working with Charities and Not for Profit organisations we truly understand the sectors ever growing needs. We have prepared a number of helpful topical guides on areas such as SORP and the Charity VAT compensation scheme. We would welcome the opportunity to share these resources with you and discuss any difficulties you may be facing within your organisation such as complicated reporting, extensive administration, inefficient compliance policies, cumbersome re-keying of data, lack of real time and easily shareable data…to name but a few.

Please visit our website for more information, or to request a no obligation information pack or product demonstration.