As Tico's Wounds Were Healing, His Bond With Máirín Was Growing

Máirín’s relationship with Dog’s Trust began when she came to us wanting to re-home a dog. She re-homed this beautiful little Pomeranian-type called Tico. He needed an extra-special home, with a really gentle and understanding owner that would help him, because it was clear that he’d had a difficult past. He came to us as an abandoned dog and he had some injuries.

“When Máirín first saw Tico, it was love at first sight!”

We were giving her a few options of dogs that would suit her, but when Tico was recommended she fell head over heels in love -  and so did he!

The staff at Dog's Trust mentioned the Canine Care Card to Mairín. A worry for people, particularly people who are by themselves with their animals, is what would happen to their dog if they passed away. Máirín signed up straight away for a free Canine Care Card. We invited her to be the face of the campaign and this is just such a beautiful photo that was captured. It really shows that relationship between people and their dogs.

For Máirín it's all about peace of mind. It's about knowing that her best friend, her loved companion, her family member, will be looked after when she's gone. What it means for Tico, is that Dog's Trust will bring him into our care and find a Forever Home for him.

Any dog who comes into our care gets any veterinary treatment that they need and is behaviourally assessed. As part of the Canine Care Card application, we ask a questionnaire on the dog so their owner can tell us about their favourite food or their favourite toy, about anything that makes them happy or anything that they're worried about, so that we can get to know them through the eyes of their owner and we can then get the dog ready for rehoming and hopefully get that dog into a new home soon.

“Dog's grieve, just like people do. The thing they can't do is verbalise how they feel. But you can see that they're lost and that they're trying to adapt.”

Some of the dogs have literally been with their person 24/7, so to suddenly not have them in their life, and then be in a new environment, can be quite overwhelming. We're always particularly conscious when we're handling dogs who have come in through the Canine Care Card scheme; that soft support, company, love and TLC... they need it even more. I really see the staff and the volunteers make an extra fuss over these dogs, knowing that they've been through such a period of change.

When little Tico first came to Dog's Trust, he found getting handled in the veterinary environment quite stressful and he was shy getting to know new people. When Tico first went to Máirín to live, he was like a shadow of himself. He had injuries and had received a lot of treatment; we had to shave him back and his haircut left a little to be desired, so he wasn't looking his best!

“But you could see as his wounds were healing, his bond with Máirín was growing. His little character and personality started shining through.”

 The relationship they have now, a few years down the line, is second-to-none and Máirín is so relieved to know that in the event of the worst happening, Tico would be well looked after by Dog's Trust.

Cat Brit, Head of Operations, Dog’s Trust

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