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Step 3: Developing Documents

Step 3

Have you developed your charity's documents?


Step 3: 
Developing your documents


Download the Guidelines and the Cii Resource Materials including the sample templates for the Trustee Resolution, Public Compliance Statement, Donor Charter and Handling Feedback & Complaints.

Use your judgement to adapt and personalise these for your charity.

Other documents that the Guidelines require are:

  • Data Protection Privacy Policy & a Data Protection Statement to be hosted on your charity's website.

The incoming General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR will substantially impact the areas of fundraising.  Charities Institute Ireland have commenced issuing information and guidance notes and further notes will be added over the coming months to include guidance on privacy policies and statements.  Cii are currently awaiting details from the Article 29 working party and from the Office of the Data Protection Commission on the provision of the e-Privacy element of GDPR.  It is anticipated that these will not be finalised until early 2018

More information can be found on the website of the Data Protection Commissioner at

  • Ensure your charity’s most recent audited financial report is hosted on your website.

The Charities Regulator has published separate Guidelines on Internal Financial Controls for Charities available at