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Pat Doyle
Peter McVerry Trust

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Peter McVerry has always been an inspiration. The trust he started, and ultimately asked Pat Doyle to lead, has become a very substantial organisation. As a manager, Pat Doyle has built one of the fastest growing and largest providers of social housing in Ireland, with 400 staff, 40 different services and 320 housing units supporting 1,400 people nightly in emergency accommodation.

As a leader he showed his qualities to the full during Storm Emma, when the Trust led a previously unseen mobilisation to get people sleeping rough in to shelter in a sports centre in Dublin 8. Pat was involved from start to finish, even sleeping at the centre to do as much as possible to oversee and coordinate the response. He personally went out at the peak of the snowfall from 9pm to 4am, when other staff had been recalled, to try and get the remaining people off the street and into shelter. He was constantly encouraging and positively engaging with staff working throughout the storm to acknowledge their efforts and commitment.


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