Charities Institute Ireland

Who We Are

We work to create the conditions for a vibrant independent charity sector that attracts increased funding support to deliver positive, tangible social change in Ireland.



We are committed to...

Promoting and enabling the environment in which charities can flourish.

Providing leadership and support to those dedicated to best practice and high standards.

Supporting the growth of established charities and supporting those with potential

Championing those committed to greater transparency and improved accountability

Our members

What We Offer


A vibrant charity sector is dependent on a fertile environment for giving. Charities Institute Ireland
will work on behalf of our members to ensure the best
possible environment for giving for the charity sector.

This includes dedicated lobbying on matters that affect
the charity landscape from tax policy to VAT compensation, regulation and providing a
trusted link between sector, state and media.

Collective voice

The last three years have seen dramatic changes in public confidence and an erosion of trust. This is the new reality facing charities.

Charities Institute Ireland will respond to this new reality with a combined representative voice of our members that proactively works to re-establish public confidence and promote public giving.



Irish people are extremely generous when it comes to supporting the causes close to their heart. Best practice charities understand that responding to that generosity with full and open transparency, accountability and ethics are an essential part of instilling trust and confidence. 

That is why training in the skills required are mission critical for professional fundraising charities.