The Naked Truth - Trust and Transparency - The Leadership Challenge

In the run up to the Brexit referendum Michael Gove commented that the people were fed-up with experts.  Donald Trump might as well have said the same thing. In all areas of society, from the political establishment to the mainstream media, people are turning away from the traditional sources of authority and leadership.

For CEOs and Departmental Heads within the not-for-profit sector, this disconnection has serious implications. It is not an option to, in the words of Bertold Bercht, "dissolve the people and elect a new one".  Instead the current models of leadership must undergo a crucial evolution. 

Our upcoming conference on Thursday January 19th  The Naked Truth - Trust and Transparency - The Leadership Challenge, will map out the nature of this necessary evolution, showing leaders within the charitable sector how they can reconnect with a largely disillusioned populace and the new ways in which they can actively earn and build on the vital trust of the people.  It will deal with the roles of leadership in the phenomena of the ever changing market situations which are compelling charities to incessantly reassess and re-evaluate how they work and to help those working within the sector to understand, adopt and implement changes in their business model in response to changing trends.

Full details on this conference are available here on our Events page