European Fundraising Association (EFA) holds its first Certification Symposium.

The theme of the symposium was "Developing and Improving Fundraising Education in Europe – Sharing Best Practices and Insights from Fundraising Education Research". The aim of the working group is to strengthen fundraising education in Europe by assessing and moving the EFA Certification accreditation scheme forward, as well as facilitating the exchange of knowledge.

The symposium was attended by 25 representatives from around the EU and the US, including Dr Adrian Sargeant PhD, Eva Aldrich, CEO at CFRE International and hosted by the EFA Chair, Gosse Bosma at the offices of Goede Doelen Nederland in Amsterdam.

EFA Certification Symposium 2018 045.JPG
EFA Certification Symposium 2018 049.JPG

Initially developed with EU funding, EFA Certification is a framework that enables members to develop national qualifications for fundraising based on one core syllabus and a set of fundraising competencies. Having been developed ten years ago, it is now to being reviewed and updated, ensuring the curriculum will continue to address the educational needs of modern day fundraisers throughout the Europe.

One of the key takeaways from the day was to create "a universal accreditation that everyone in fundraising (or who wants to be in fundraising) should aspire to have". More work is currently being undertaken by the EFA over the next few months and Cii will share the results with you once they are released.

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