Your invitation to participate in ‘CHARITIES 2037’- An independent Study from Amárach Research commissioned by Charities Institute Ireland

Project Ambition:  To draft a vision for the future of the Charity sector in Ireland.

Charities 2037 came about after a discussion around the need for a national conversation about the role and future of the charity sector.  All organisations tend to self- perpetuate, but that is fundamentally different to a purpose.  The latest revolution in technology and economics has seen the destruction of many household organisations.  Retailing is different; banking is different and media is different.  The sense of local engagement is also changed.  In the 1960s the formation of many charities had its roots in post Vatican 2 social teaching.  In a more diverse society, with different social mores, the same drivers no longer apply. 

While the charitable and voluntary sector has always formed a key part of Irish society, much of it went unregulated and unaccountable. Irish society, government and the charities themselves need to consider what expectations they have of each other. What society wants and what charities can give needs to be reviewed.

Charities 2037 has been designed as a study that aims to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to consider how the charity/not for profit sector should develop over the next two decades.  It should both engage and challenge people to describe how they see the role of charitable organisations developing. 

In effect, we are seeking to write a manifesto for the charity sector for 2037 – outlining its promise and purpose; its responsibilities; its shape and structure and its future direction.  

Amárach Research is in the process of conducting one to one interviews with leaders in the private, public and charity sectors, Government Ministers past and present, senior opposition politicians, opinion formers, philanthropists and media. They are also conducting national surveys with the public on their perceptions of charities and their service provision today and what they hope for the future. The Study also includes a national survey with those who work in the charity sector and those who volunteer.

We are asking all member organisations to participate in this important study. Please share this 10 minute survey with your staff and volunteers. Their opinion will provide vital insights for the final report and recommendations which will be launched at Charities Institute Ireland Annual Conference on October 26th 2017.

Please click on the links below. The responses are all confidential and will be directed to the Amárach Research centre. 



NB: At Q8 please just type in your answer and hit submit.

Lucy Masterson

Chief Executive, Charities Institute Ireland