A question of good governance

In recent weeks reputational issues associated with charity operations continue to challenge the sector with standards in some organisations falling below what would be expected of those in receipt of public and/or government funding.  This ripple effect is leaving few charities untouched.

The work that Ireland's charitable organisations carry out is invaluable, providing essential services to those most in need or who have been neglected by other sectors across society.  But, there remains as much of a requirement here as in any other sector to ensure proper levels of good governance, transparency and accountability. The significance of this requirement cannot be emphasised enough as it is imperative in maintaining the trust of partners, patrons, sponsors, the general public and all those who rely on the vital services of charities.   

Charities Institute Ireland believes that the success of the charitable sector going forward will be in how the sector confronts the inconvenient truths of past practices of some charities and use the current challenges to integrate good corporate practice, procedures and effective governance to ensure that it reaches the highest standards of accountability, transparency and public trust. Without good governance, this sector will find it hard to achieve any sustained development let alone rise to the challenge of achieving true equitable social change.