Charities Institute Ireland

Organisational Membership


Membership of Cii is open to any registered charity in the Republic of Ireland. There is a tiered membership fee structure depending on your organisation's total incoming revenue.

Our membership recognises an integrated "whole organisation" representative space where all the staff including your CEO, head of finance, fundraisers and administration staff would all be considered active members and avail of the benefits of the institutes strategic objectives.

Membership includes free access to the Certificate in Best Practice which has been designed for all staff members. By completing this course all of your employees will gain a greater understanding of best practice standards. 


    Membership will provide your organisation all the tools for transparency to start restoring the belief and value in our sector.

    • Clear pathways to achieve triple lock standards
    • One strong single voice
    • Access for senior staff to thought leadership C-Suite events
    • Best practice education and training, whole organisation approach
    • Expanded advocacy position and lobbying with government
    • Help to change the landscape of the sector