Board Member - Charities Institute Ireland

1.       Introduction to Cii  

Charities Institute Ireland which was founded in mid-2016 following a merger between ICTR (Irish Charities Tax Reform Group) and Fundraising Ireland, now represents 190 registered charities who are deemed members of the Institute.  

Cii operates as a single body for its members to provide leadership, support and a strong, effective voice for the charity sector in Ireland. Cii also promotes the Triple Lock standard amongst its members. This standard includes good governance, best practice fundraising and transparent financial reporting under the auspices of three strategic pillars; advocacy, education and communication (please see . 

Cii is also proud to represent its members that are part of the large and diverse charity sector which plays a major role in life in Ireland. The sector comprises 11,700 organisations, including over 7,800 registered charities, employs over 100,000 people, involves over 560,000 volunteers in its work and manages a turnover of €5.57.million.


2.       Cii Vision, Mission and Values

Cii’s vision is for a society that trusts and values charities and the positive contribution they make to solving long term challenges in our society and to shaping a better future.

Cii’s mission is to highlight the immense value of charities to societal good, enabling them to deliver the greatest collective impact through fundraising excellence and integrity and to provide education and support to charities, all in a favourable environment.

Cii’s three core values are Leadership, Collaboration and Excellence.

3.       Board Membership and Recruitment  

The key purpose of Cii’s Board is to ensure the continued success of Cii by collectively directing Cii’s affairs while meeting the interests of the Institute’s members and other stakeholders and ensuring compliance with all of the necessary legislation and regulation. This is all whilst operating within the high standards of governance, transparency and accountability.  

Following a recent Board competency mapping exercise, the Cii Board is now seeking to recruit three/ four new Board members who come from senior management positions, ideally in the private and/or public sector.  

The Cii Board which currently numbers seven, comprises a diversity of skills, experiences and perspectives, including change management, strategic planning, financial management and marketing and communications and existing Board members largely come from the voluntary sector. Please see 

4.       Board Member Opportunity and Responsibilities  

Being on the board of Cii provides its board members with the opportunity to

·         contribute to the future development of the charity sector at this critical time;

·         develop their skill, expertise and experience of charity governance;

·         enjoy getting to know and working with other board members who come from a variety of different professional backgrounds.


Existing and new Cii Board members are expected to;

·         have a working knowledge of the voluntary sector in Ireland

·         have a good understanding of Cii’s obligations to its members and the wider voluntary sector

·         contribute to the achievement of goals as set out in the Cii 2018 Strategic Plan and optimisation of resources

·         support member charities in achieving the highest standards through good quality information, education and accredited training in fundraising, finance and GDPR

·         ensure compliance with corporate governance requirements and legislation, such as the Companies Act 2014 and Charities Act 2009

·         contribute to setting the Cii risk ‘appetite’ and deciding on ways to manage the agreed risks

·         play a key role in contributing to the wider re-building of trust in voluntary sector in Ireland by employing and practising the highest standards of corporate governance

·         protect and promote Cii’s reputation

·         participate, as appropriate and required, in advocacy and representation to Government and other relevant regulatory bodies in the best interests of the voluntary sector

·         encourage a culture of openness, responsiveness and accountability

·         understand, declare and manage conflicts of interest and conflicts of loyalties

·         be honest, fair and independent


5.       Board Member Commitments

·         It is essential that all Cii Board members demonstrate active commitment and participate fully at Board meetings, including constructively challenging other Board members and the CEO.

·         Cii Board meetings occur approximately six times per year on a week day morning from 8.30am – 10am in the Cii offices which are currently located at 56 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2

·         Paperwork relating to Board meetings is distributed seven working days in advance of each Board meeting



For more information on the Cii Board vacancies, please contact Annelies Coghlan, at (01) 541 4770, by June 30th 2019.