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Manager of Partner Relationships - Global Peace Foundation

Manager of Partner Relationships

Global Peace Foundation is expanding in Dublin and looking for a partnership pro to open and grow that office.  This job can be full time OR part time. 

Job Responsibilities:
Working in close collaboration with the GPF HQ Team and GPF Country Teams Develop strategic objectives and guidelines at the global and national levels, perform the following duties:

Strategic Direction Setting

  • Gather information and research to identify strategic opportunities with an international focus
  • Identify local current trends that are synergistic to GPF Ireland and GPF globally


  • Identify key partners and work to develop active relationships with a focus on government, international agencies, universities, technical and other corporate entities, embassies
  • Attend networking events
  • Identify potential funders and build relationships
  • Identify and execute activities to connect and enhance partner relationships

Project Management and Execution

  • Identify key projects that align with overall company and office goals
  • Act as project manager to define resources/timetables/objectives
  • Execute the hands-on work
  • Oversee volunteers/interns
  • Know and use existing information and resources available within the GPF USA offices
  • Liaise with the Director of Communications for the development of the Global Peace Education website and social media platforms

Office Management

  • Submit weekly activity reports and generate other ongoing and ad-hoc reports as needed
  • The individual may work out of their own remote office, identify a resourceful shared space or identify an office
  • Develop and manage the budget
  • Execute all office management duties required to run the equipment, supplies

About Skills and Experience

  • Extensive track-record of initiating, closing and expanding partner relationships with corporate, non-profit, government leaders globally, with an emphasis on uniting leaders in multidisciplinary fields toward long-term visionary change
  • Demonstrated change management agent and advocacy of over-arching social issues
  • Several years' experience in partner development and business development
  • Experience working with teams in globally disbursed locations
  • Extensive contacts and experience in development and fundraising efforts with global brands and political leaders sustained through multi-year campaigns
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Education, Business and other related fields; advanced degree preferred


Annelies Coghlan