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Grants Manager - St Stephen's Green Trust

St Stephen’s Green Trust wishes to engage an experienced person to act as a grants manager on a contract (32 days over 12 months) to support organisations achieve the greatest impact possible with the grants given and to allow both the organisation and SSGT to know and understand the impact of the work funded by the grant. This is on foot of a recommendation in an external review of SSGT’s grant-making practice in the area of support for the work of Traveller organisations.  The overall objective of the project is to offer the groups developmental support and technical expertise to support their specific outcomes in relation to supporting the needs of Traveller prisoners and their families. More information is available on the job description, or from the email address below.

Please send a proposal for the contract outlining your approach to the position, previous experience and costs of providing the services by email to Orla O’Neill, Grants & Development Director, SSGT at . Telephone enquiries welcome to Orla on 045 480 666.  Deadline is Thursday 12th October 2017. Costs of providing the services should include all VAT and expenses.  A separate budget can be included for travel.

Annelies Coghlan