Face to Face Fundraising Forum

The Face to Face Fundraising forum is a newly developed peer to peer network, focused on direct recruitment fundraising including street and door. We will discuss and challenge each other on best practice, share our current difficulties/successes in the market plus we will revue data and the user experience inside the Street & Door Diary Local Management System (LMS). We also aim to provide the platform for open communications between charities and third party agencies conducting face to face fundraising so all users of the LMS are working towards best practice.

Everybody is welcome, whether you are new to your role or have years of experience. This forum is a safe space to exchange ideas and insights, share highs and lows, and grow your network.

As the saying goes – “One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever”…Linda Lambert

The next forum will be hosted by Cii on 30th May 2019.

Meet the Forum Chairs

Street & Door Diary Data

The below graphs represent total users and gross donor acquisition numbers from September 2016 until December 2018. In the graph at the top, the columns represent total monthly acquisitions, the blue line represents total monthly users and the grey line the average acquisition per user per month.

The line graph at the bottom represents each individual charity’s monthly acquisitions. The thicker white line represents the trend in total monthly acquisitions over the life cycle of the diary.


F2F Forum Member Contact List

Please complete the below form if you would like to share your contact details with the forum. This will then be used to make contact with each other in regards to communicating concerns or issues arising from sites booked on the Street & Door Diary (LMS).

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Face to Face Forum - September 2018