Charities Institute Ireland

Elective Unit Module Descriptors

Face to Face Fundraising


The Certificate in Face to Face fundraising is designed for anyone working in fundraising who would like to develop a better understanding of face to face fundraising, for anyone considering using face to face as part of their fundraising mix, for face to face team leaders and coaches to deepen their understanding of face to face and for board members and CEOs who want to gain a better appreciation of this fundraising channel.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the core competencies of face to face fundraisers, team leaders/supervisors and managers
  2. Be familiar with the importance and purpose of regular giving
  3. Understand the impact of face to face fundraising on revenue
  4. Be familiar with the regulation governing face to face fundraising 
  5. Understand the benefits and drawbacks of face to face fundraising
  6. Be familiar with the key behaviours of face to face fundraising in practice
  7. Be aware of the key factors to consider before initiating face to face fundraising as a fundraising channel
  8. Be familiar with the external factors affecting face to face fundraising
Scott Kelley