Digital Forum

Irish charities today face a number of challenges in the digital space, competing not only with one another for attention, loyalty, and money, but also with brands outside the third sector.

For digital specialists carrying out their organisation’s strategies online, it can be thrilling and overwhelming staying on top of the latest trends and technologies, managing a meagre budget, and stewarding your organisation to recognise the potential that exists in the world of digital.

Whether your title is “marketer” or “digital expert”, you know the drill: Make your brand flourish online, get more “hits” to your website, increase clickthroughs, maximise ROI, and, the Holy Grail of the digital marketing world, “make it go viral.”

The Digital forum brings together anyone in the Irish not-for-profit sector responsible for online marketing, communications and/or fundraising to share their experiences, talk about successes, and vent about their frustrations in a safe space.

With such limited information and benchmarks specific to the Irish not-for-profit market this is a unique opportunity to take a glimpse under the bonnet of other organisations’ digital teams and meet your peers.

Meet the Forum Chairs