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David Slattery
Cheshire Ireland

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In assessing this Award, the judges were looking for a staff member who is making a contribution above and beyond their experience – representing the next generation of Future Leaders.  All of the nominees were worthy candidates and are undoubtably making a significant contribution to their organisations.  One person stood out as having clearly demonstrated strong leadership skills and making a valuable and significant contribution to their organisation.  That person is David Slattery from Cheshire Ireland.

David joined Cheshire Ireland in June 2006 as a care support worker.  During his time with Cheshire, David has taken on roles in Waterford, Limerick, Donegal and moved to Wicklow in November 2017.

He has demonstrated excellent communication skills and an ability to lead and motivate teams through difficult and challenging situations.  He has pioneered new ways of working in the Wicklow Service all with a focus on enhancing the Service Users’ experience.  The Service User is at the centre of all he does. 

He has built strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders.  He has clearly demonstrated that he is not afraid to take on difficult situations, approaching them in a calm and planned way, building relevant internal and external relationships and ensuring that sustainable solutions are put in place.

David has gained the respect and trust of his teams, senior managers, the Board of Cheshire Ireland and external stakeholders.

David has shown a number of key leadership skills - respect, trust, leading and motivating teams, communicating well and building strong and lasting relationships.


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