Charities Institute Ireland

Core Unit Module Descriptors

Grants, Trusts and Foundations


The Certificate in Grants, Trusts and Foundations is designed to give students an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of grant making trusts and foundations as a source of fundraising, an overview of best practice in researching and building relationships with trusts and foundations, an understanding of the grant cycle and an understanding of the reasons why grant applications fail

Learning outcomes: 

  • Be familiar with trends in Trust and Foundation Giving
  • Understand how to research Trusts and Foundations
  • Be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of trust and foundations as a fundraising source
  • How to design a suitable stewardship process for trusts and foundations
  • Be familiar with grant cycles
  • Have an understanding of why grant applications fail
  • Have an understanding of what can be done to improve likely success rates of grant applications
Scott Kelley