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Charities Institute Ireland Annual Conference 2017

Charities Institute Ireland Annual Conference

There are powerful waves of change sweeping through the charitable and not-for-profit sector. It is time to examine what is needed to build a more resilient and relevant sector that is prepared for the rising uncertainty and complexities ahead.
Charities Institute Ireland's Annual Conference will explore the leadership that is essential for sustaining and growing this sector. We will broaden the change management conversation to reflect the greater role that charities play in society. We will challenge assumptions and share the lessons that have been learned. We will adapt and propose new strategies to address the continuous changes and opportunities we face.
This thought-provoking conference will include the launch of a future focused study ‘Charities 2037’, panel discussions, case studies, training sessions and masterclasses on topics that are highly relevant for Charity Trustees, CEO’s and all senior managers working within the sector.

Conference Programme

Date: Thursday 26th October, 2017

Venue: Royal College of Physicians Ireland, 6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2

9.00am - Registration

9.30am - Opening remarks

9.45am - Opening Plenary

Charities 2037: To draft a vision for the future of the Charity sector in Ireland 

Presenter: Michael McLoughlin, Chief Executive, Amárach Research
Response: Lucy Masterson, CEO, Charities Institute Ireland
Facilitator: Matt Cooper, Journalist & Broadcaster

10:45am - Plenary Session 1

A strategic framework for the future of the charity sector.
What society wants and what charities can give needs to be reviewed. The evolution of the charity sector will require brave decisions and sound strategic planning. Rooted in the findings of Charities Institute Ireland’s forward-looking research ‘Charities 2037’  this discussion will centre on the findings of the Study and seek to establish:

  • the future for the charity sector, it’s responsibilities,  shape & structure and the necessary proactive steps required in realising that future.
  • identify the major changes that need to be made in order to deliver its mission effectively in the future
  • identify the relevant stakeholders necessary to develop and deliver a national a strategic plan for the charity sector
  • provide guidance to charity leaders in planning and implementing strategic positioning of their charity.

Facilitator: Matt Cooper, Journalist and Broadcaster
Panellists:  Richard Dixon, Chairperson, Charities Institute Ireland; Michael McLoughlin, Chief Executive at Amárach Research, Ian Brady, Head of Davy Charities and Not-for-Profit Group; Denise Charlton, Management Consultant, Denise Charlton Associates; Caitriona Fottrell, Vice President and Director, Ireland of The Ireland Funds and Gerry Naughton, Client Director, Drury | Porter Novelli

11:45am - Plenary Session 2

Charity Leadership - From Good to Great
Governance is much more than compliance or guarding against failures, but extends into many aspects of a charity.  It is not a tick box exercise set in stone once reviewed and improved, but rather a fluid process where best practice evolves within robust structures. Raising governance from average to great will transform a charity and the lives of its beneficiaries, by enabling a rise in the standards of both delivery and impact.
This plenary session will offer a fresh view drawing on the knowledge base and industry-leading insights of our panelists.  It will highlight common governance related issues and suggest practical solutions. It will look at developments both in Northern Ireland and the UK.  It will offer leanings from the private sector and how to apply them to the more complex operating model of charities.

Facilitator:  Matt Cooper, Journalist & Broadcaster
Panellists: Frances McCandless, CEO, Charity Commission for Northern Ireland; Louise Thomson, Head of Policy (NfP), ICSA:The Governance Institute (UK); Dr. Oonagh Breen, Associate Professor, Sutherland School of Law UCD and Tom Shipsey, Chairperson, Concern Worldwide.

12:45pm - Lunch Break

1:30pm - Breakout Seminars

Session 1a
Brexit - The Opportunities
In 2015, €189.9 million was paid directly to UK charities by the European Commission.  With the UK's exit from the EU raising a question mark over the ability of UK charities and Not-for-Profits to meet certain criteria in accessing EU funding and grants, this session will explore the opportunities that may arise for Irish Charities.
Discussion will explore:

  • Ireland, a centre of excellence for UK charities.
  • UK and Irish charities working collaboratively.
  • Management agreements
  • Tax Benefits

Facilitator: Niamh Callaghan, Partner, Corporate and Charities Law, Mason Hayes & Curran
Panellists: Caron Bradshaw, CEO, Charity Finance Group (UK); Julia Poulter, Director of Audit and Assurance in Not-for-Profit, Charities and Social Housing, BDO UK LLP and Teresa McColgan, Partner, PwC

Session 1b
Direct Marketing  Future of Direct Marketing Fundraising
For many years, direct marketing has been core to the activities of fundraisers.  However, in an age of information overload and with changes in the regulatory landscape looming, what now for the future of Direct Marketing? 

  • Learn how to connect with your donors, acquire new donors, and build on your direct marketing fundraising efforts – both online and offline - within the new GDPR scheme.
  • Restructure your program around the changes in Door to Door fundraising in Ireland.
  • Build your major donor program and legacy pipeline, to benefit from the major generational transition happening now.

Presenter: Suzanne Cole Nowers CEO, Nexus Direct (US)

Session 1c
GDPR – The Journey to Compliance
On the 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect.  For charities, this updated data protection framework represents both an opportunity and a challenge, changing the way charities operates.  The penalties for non-compliance are severe and well-advertised.  However, it is more important to reflect on the benefit for charities who actively engage with the new measures. Such a benefit will be the trust of their donors and other stakeholders.
This session will take the form of a fireside chat between Cathal Ryan, Assistant Commissioner, Data Protection Commission and Linda Ni Chualladh- Regulatory Counsel, An Post.

2:30pm - Breakout Seminars

Session 2a
Financial Management - How charities can meet their regulatory responsibilities
The new guidance issued recently by the Charities Regulatory Authority on trustee responsibilities provides clarity on what is expected of Charity trustees in terms of their specific and general responsibilities as trustees.  The guidance has relevance for both trustees themselves and the wider finance and management teams.  All parties will need to work together to ensure that these responsibilities are met.  
Focus will centre on some of the financial aspects of the guidance in this session, and look in particular at what the Regulator expects from charities in relation to investment governance, ensuring completeness of properties and management of assets.  We will also look at the responsibilities in relation to preparation of the annual accounts and annual report. 

Presenters: Aisling Fitzgerald, Director, PwC and Tom Malone, Head of Compliance, Charities Regulator

Session 2b
Annual Report – A Strategic Tool in the Armoury of Charities
The annual report remains the most powerful and pivotal tool a charity can use to communicate to donors and funders its strategies and impact.
This session concentrates on ensuring that your charity’s message to all stakeholders is in a way that maximises the value of the annual report and outlines how this might best be achieved, in a format that is easily accessible by a wide range of audiences.  It will focus on the qualitative content, an opportunity to highlight your charity’s key achievements and overall goals and objectives.

Presenter: Mary Doherty, Managing Director, Red Dog Design

Session 2c
Peer to Peer Fundraising - The Potential Gamer Changer for the Not for Profit Sector
Facebook are rolling out a number of peer-to-peer fundraising tools empowering charities to tap into their networks.   Aimed at making it safer and easier for charities to raise money, the charitable giving tools include the ability to collect funds using the donate button and engage supports through Facebook Fundraisers and Facebook Live.
We are excited to have Anita Yuen join us to showcase how Facebook is supporting the social impact sector and unveil some of the new tools that are available to help you engage with people who share your ambition to make the world a better place. As well as hearing how you can make the most of new opportunities, you’ll get valuable insights from case studies from charity organisations.

Presenter: Anita Yuen, Head of Facebook Partnerships and Social Good

3:30pm - Afternoon Tea Break

4:00pm - Breakout Seminars

Session 3a
Critical Communications – Impactful impact: communicating your charity's impact
In a recent focus group we were told by one participant that we had just four seconds of his attention to communicate our message. In a world which is becoming increasingly crowded with messaging, and with donors who are becoming increasingly cynical, how do we cut through and show our impact in a meaningful way?
In this session we will show why it is important to go beyond 50-page impact reports and convey your message in more creative and accessible ways, drawing on research from the Irish Charity Engagement Monitor and our experience in the UK and beyond. This will help show accountability during times of crisis, as well as, inspire supporters and spread awareness of your work.

Presenter: Cian Murphy, Head of Data Science, NfP Synergy and Bijal Rama, Senior Researcher, NfP Synergy

Session 3b
Cyber security Where are we headed?
The rise in cyber-attacks and their increasing reach has made cyber-security a very hot topic.  What is increasingly clear is that cyber-criminals will up their game. The time may now have come for charities to stop thinking about how they will be breached but rather when.
Discussion will centre on how we are in a new industrial revolution driven by cyber and the need for us all to work together to ensure we take advantage of the opportunities without exposing ourselves to major risks.  It will focus on how charities can protect and harden themselves against cyber-attacks and discuss how to prepare for a worst-case-scenario; containing the reputational damage resulting from a breach.

Presenters: Brian Honan, CEO, BH Consulting and Billy Murphy, Chairman, Drury | Porter Novelli

Session 3c
Philanthropy - Our State of Generosity
Philanthropy has played an important role in Irish society supporting projects and endeavours from which we all benefit and is a critical part of our democratic society.
This session will discuss new entrepreneurial ways of thinking about philanthropy, creating innovation and fresh strategies for resource mobilisation to help charities achieve their organisational and environmental goals.
Discussion will centre on:

  • the current state of play in Ireland.
  • UK and US perspectives - what the UK and the US are doing in the space of philanthropy, major gifts, high net worth individuals and corporate social responsibility.  What strategies have been undertaken, what has worked, what Ireland is doing and what it should be doing, what it could take from the UK and US.
  • the role policies (both organisational and governmental) play in the culture of philanthropy, what has been undertaken in the UK & US and can any of these apply here.

Facilitator: Cilian Fennell, Director, Stillwater Communications.
Panellists: Eilis Murray, CEO, Philanthropy Ireland; Matthew Cull, Deputy Director of Fundraising, Blue Cross (UK) and Tammy Zonker, Fundraising Transformed (US).

5:00pm - Closing Address 
Including drinks reception and networking

Each delegate pass includes access to plenary sessions, a choice of three sessions from three learning streams, refreshments and lunch will be provided and an invitation to celebrate the impact of our sector at the post conference networking event.

The venue:
Royal College of Physicians Ireland, 6 Kildare St, Dublin 2