Certificate in Best Practice

All members of Charities Institute Ireland are required to complete our Certificate in Best Practice. This course provides comprehensive details on all aspects of: voluntary codes of practice, good practice guidance and key elements of legal and regulatory frameworks. The free online course has been designed to increase your knowledge of the importance and best practice for governance, transparency and accountability. It provides a benchmark to reflect a commitment to compliance with the expectations of all stakeholders including government, regulatory authorities and the general public.

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Module: Certificate in Best Practice

Course Objective: The aim of this Certificate is to provide our members with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to enable them to better understand the importance of good practice in the Not-for-Profit Sector.

Estimated Course Completion Time: 1 hour

  • Please note that the Certificate in Best Practice is mandatory for members.

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  • The course will be assessed by terminal examination online.

  • Multiple choice, one answer only for each question

  • All questions carry equal marks

  • You must answer all 25 of the questions asked.

  • Time limit applied to the exam is 30 minutes.

  • Your personal course exam link is only active for 6 weeks after your course notification email or link.

  • If you do not pass or would like to resit the exam or the link to the exam expires; the link can be reset and resent at an additional fee of €10.00 per exam.

Estimated time to complete exam: 20 - 25 minutes

Grading structure:

  • Pass grade 60% - 74%

  • Merit grade 75% - 89%

  • Distinction grade 90% - 100%


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