Coffee mornings bringing comfort on dark days. 

When Irish people gather for a Hospice Coffee morning, they are contributing to an important mission.

Every year, the Irish Hospice Foundation provides support to thousands of families. Over the past 30 years the IHF has invested €72 million in end-of-life care. Every time a person donates and wears a Sunflower on their annual campaign, they are contributing towards the IHF vision that no one should face death or bereavement without the care and support they need. The mission is to strive for the best care at end of life, for all.

Dying with Dignity

Over €35 million has been raised for hospices nationwide through Sunflower Days and Ireland’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Hospice. This has enabled The Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme embedded in 48 hospitals nationwide.

IHF funding allowed 2,475 families to be cared for by our Nurses for Night Care service over the past 30 years; equating to 7,200 nights of care. This service has made a very real and lasting difference to the lives of many families.  

The IHF Nurses for Night Care programme helps people with life-limiting conditions such as heart failure, advancing neurological disease, advancing respiratory disease and dementia. Through this scheme more people are able to die at home. This service provides nursing care, practical support and reassurance for the person and for their families in the last days of their life. Demand for this service grows annually.

IHF has provided 7,200 nights of care

Caring for Children

There are 4,000 children living with a life-limiting condition in Ireland. 350 die each year. The IHF set out to ensure children and their families get best-quality palliative care services.

The charity funded the first national study of the end-of-life care needs of children. That led to broad consensus on the need to further augment children’s palliative care services and strong government policy on the issue. 

IHF contributed 85% of the start-up costs of a Children’s Hospice Care for Children Programme, designed to augment existing services, including a team of nurses and a paediatric consultant specialising in children’s palliative care. 

Today, this vital service is 100% state funded – ensuring every child is cared for. 


From Coffee to Care

When someone sits down to share a coffee at a Hospice Coffee morning, they are truly making a difference.

At that same time, the Irish Hospice Foundation are caring for families (young and old) across the country.