Step 7

Annual Reporting on Compliance


Once you are signed up you must include a report on compliance with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising in your Annual Report. To assist you in checking your compliance you can download the Compliance Checklist that is included with the Implementation Resource Materials and check that you either comply with each requirement OR have explained why not e.g. Our Annual Report does not include reference to compliance with the Guiding Principles because it was printed before we put procedures in place – we will ensure from now on that the Annual Report covers compliance with the Principles. The Compliance Checklist includes page references to the relevant sections of the Guiding Principles to make it easier for you. Ensure that all relevant staff, volunteers and third party agents have been trained on adherence to the principles.

Common problems that delay sign-up

1.  The compliance statement, Donor Charter and Feedback and Complaints procedure are not well signposted nor easily found on the organisation website – if we have problems finding them so will members of the public!

2.  The Feedback and Complaints Procedure does not have a named individual to whom feedback/complaints are directed OR there is a named individual but the email address is generic i.e. info@...; admin@......

3.  There is no link to the Cii website.


If there is anything you are not sure of please check with


Please note you do not have to complete the Compliance Checklist in order to sign up to the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising. The Checklist is to help you confirm your compliance for the annual reporting set out in Step 7 after you have signed up.